What’s the difference between allowance and pay?

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What’s the difference between allowance and pay?


RIchard Norwood

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Richard Norwood – Greater London Fostering’s Director

Weekly fostering payments are broken down into ‘allowance’ and ‘pay’ elements. The allowance is the money that goes toward the cost of looking after the foster child, so covering the cost of clothing, food, pocket money etc. The ‘pay’ aspect is the money left over once the child is accommodated for, which can be used by the foster carer.

Agencies and local authorities will pay different rates, so it’s important to know and understand what they are offering. GLF carers can expect to receive around £400 per week, when they are fostering.

From speaking to our foster carers over the last 20 years, we know that none of them foster for the money, but few could foster without it.

Want to know more? We’ve tried to answer a few common questions about fostering and finance . 

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