What is a fostering panel

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What is a fostering panel

The fostering panel is made up of people who have direct and indirect skills and knowledge surrounding fostering. It might consist of social workers, foster carers, panel advisors etc.

When you are applying to be a foster carer, the role of the panel is to decide whether or not someone should be approved to foster. If the panel decides that you would be a suitable carer, they will then recommendations about the number of children, age range and backgrounds of the children.

Attending panel isn’t as scary as it sounds. You will attend with your social worker. Once the panel has gone through your application, they will ask you a few questions linked to your application. For example, they might ask why you want to foster, or how you would manage school holidays if you are working. The panel wants to be sure that they are approving the most suitable people to be foster carers.

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