What happens if I’m turned down as a foster carer?

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What happens if I’m turned down as a foster carer?

If you’re thinking about fostering, there are a few things that would stop you from being approved as a carer.

The first and most important thing would be if you have a criminal conviction of a violent or sexual nature. Many children in care have experienced violence or sexual abuse. It is our responsibility to make sure they are placed with foster carers who can offer a safe and caring environment.

If you have any other criminal convictions, you might still be able to foster.

The other thing that would stop you from fostering, is if you do not have an indefinite leave to remain in the UK. We want to ensure children have a certain amount of stability. If we can keep children with the same foster family, we can offer a more stable environment. However, if there is a chance that a foster carer will have to return to their home country, the children in care would have to be placed with another family. We want to avoid this, where possible.

So, as long as the above doesn’t apply to you, and you have a spare bedroom, you could foster. For more information about how to apply, download our free guide to fostering.

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