Supervision of Foster Carers

GLF is accountable to local authorities for the quality of care received by foster children placed in our foster homes. This responsibility is shared between the directors, supervising social workers, foster care supervisors, their managers and foster carers. One of the main ways in which that accountability is shared and exercised is through supervision.


Senior practitioners and supervising social workers receive supervision from their line manager and foster carers have supervision with their supervising social workers.


Supervision is a two-way process when questions can be asked, ideas shared and decisions made. Decisions made in supervision should be implemented to the best ability of both parties. Work being done is monitored through supervision and feedback and advice given. Any issues of concern on either side should be raised and addressed.


Supervision is also about professional development and should identify training needs. Supervision should be recorded by the supervisor and that record shared with the other party.


GLF expects supervising social workers to meet with their foster carers at least once every eight weeks for supervision. In two parent households both adults should be present for supervision. Every effort should be made to meet at a time when there are no children present.

Last Update: January 6, 2019  

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