Respite Care

GLF does not routinely organise paid respite for foster children.


Where in exceptional circumstances it is agreed by all parties that paid respite is required, to sustain the placement, GLF will negotiate with the local authority involved.


GLF does recognise however that carers, like parents, may need a break from their children from time to time and will do their best to facilitate alternative arrangements for the care of foster children whenever this is reasonably requested.


GLF encourages all carers to identify respite carers from members of their support network so as to normalize respite arrangements for the child so that their care is not disrupted.


Where carers are unable to use a member of their support network as respite carers for whatever reason, GLF will whenever possible identify other GLF foster carers to provide respite. Such arrangements will only be made when they are consistent with the needs of the child.


The fostering allowance will be paid to the respite foster carer in these circumstances.


In longer term placements the local authority may agree that children can stay overnight with close friends or family of the foster carer who are not approved foster carers and delegate authority to the foster carer to decide when such visits take place. If there are conditions attached to this delegation, such as reporting or recording the stays, these must be abided by.

Last Update: January 6, 2019  

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