Physical Restraint of Children and Young People

Physical Restraint of Children and Young People


Physical restraint should not be used. This type of intervention may cause further potential problems and is likely to escalate the situation.




  • There is risk of serious harm to the child / young person or other people present;


  • Or serious damage to property is likely to occur;


The safest thing for a carer to do is to withdraw from the risk and to help anyone else at risk to also withdraw from the risk.


Once everyone is safe then if the situation still requires it the foster carer should call the police for assistance.


After everything has calmed down;


  • You must record the incident carefully


  • You must inform your supervising social worker and the child’s social worker of the incident at the first opportunity


  • You must complete a GLF incident report and send it to the office as soon as possible after the event.


Last Update: January 6, 2019  

January 6, 2019   rich    Foster Care Handbook