Life Story Work

Life & Placement story work helps children to know about, understand and come to terms with their life so far. It is often part of a child’s Care Plan and is usually undertaken by social workers but foster carers are often asked to play a part.


The worker collects as much information as they can about the child’s life to date. They then sit down regularly with the child to make a Life Story Book together.


The Life Story Book becomes the child’s record of their life as they understand it when the book is written.  The degree to which it takes account of the full complexity of the child’s history as adults understand it will vary according to the age and understanding of the child.


Children may visit previous families with whom they have lived, or the place where they were born as part of their Life Story Work.


Children who spend much of their childhood in care may need to make more than one Life Story Book.


Foster Carers should help children to keep their Life Story Books safe. Children have been known to destroy them along with all the precious photographs, stories and other memorabilia they contain.

Last Update: January 6, 2019  

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