Health Promotion of foster child

Health Promotion of foster child

Foster carers must help children to learn about healthy living and set them a good example. The foster family should eat a balanced and nutritious diet. Foster carers should teach children in an age appropriate way the basics of good nutrition and exercise.

GLF foster homes must be entirely non-smoking. Foster carers who smoke tobacco products will not be approved for the care of children under 5 even if they only smoke outside of the home. If foster carers of children over 5 smokes outside of the home, children must be properly supervised and they must never smoke in front of children. Foster carers should make sure that children know the dangers of smoking.

Coram/BAAF recommends that agencies now consider e-cigarettes as different to tobacco cigarettes. They state that agencies should recognise the low risk to children and young people and not see the use of e-cigarettes as a reason to preclude foster carers from caring for certain age groups. With this in mind GLF will not exclude carers who use e-cigarettes from caring for children under five years of age.

Carers must always keep e-cigarette products out of reach of children as the components can be harmful if swallowed.

Carers are advised that e-cigarettes should never be used in the presence of children or young people and should only ever be used outside of the home.

Foster carers should not tolerate illegal drugs their home. They should make sure that their foster children understand the dangers of drugs and other substances open to abuse.

Foster carers should ensure that their children have age appropriate sex education. Foster carers should teach their children how to keep themselves safe from unwanted sexual approaches.

Foster carers must ensure that they themselves have up to date knowledge on all of these issues which might be relevant for their foster children either by attendance at training, reading or advice from relevant experts.

Last Update: January 5, 2019  

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