Fostering Deregistration


GLF will deregister foster carers who are either significantly or consistently unable or unwilling to comply with the foster care agreement they have entered into. Deregistration is viewed as a last resort and all reasonable efforts will be made to address shortcomings prior to a recommendation for deregistration.

In the event of a very serious act or omission which prejudices the safety of foster children or the reputation of the agency the directors will make arrangements with the relevant local authority to move any children placed and instigate the deregistration procedure.

Foster Care Agreements and the Foster Carer’s handbook are revised annually and foster carers should identify any difficulty they have in complying with new expectations as they become aware of them.

Proposed deregistration will be considered by the GLF Fostering Panel. Full details of the procedure followed can be found in the Panel Procedures booklet. (If you need a copy of this please ask your SSW)

Carers affected will be given at least four weeks’ notice of the Panel and will be invited to make written representations and to attend in person. Foster carers will be sent the Panel’s recommendation and the decision maker’s interim decision in writing as soon as practicable. Foster carers have the right (within twenty-eight days of the date of this letter) to make written representations to the agency decision maker or to apply to the Secretary of State for an independent review of this recommendation.

You can find out exactly how to apply to the Secretary of State by accessing the independent review mechanism website which is

If no representations are made and no independent review applied for GLF’s agency decision maker will after 28 days from the date of the letter to the foster carers make a final decision taking into account the panel’s recommendation.

If an independent review is convened GLF’s agency decision maker will defer the final decision until they have the recommendations of the independent review panel.

The foster carer will receive this decision in writing and if an independent review has taken place a copy of this letter will be sent to the Secretary of State.

If the decision is for deregistration GLF will notify the foster carer’s home authority and the panel will be asked to consider whether or not a referral to POCA is appropriate.

In accordance with data protection legislation GLF will share information it holds about ex-carers with other appropriate organisations such as local authorities, other fostering agencies and the Secretary of State (where necessary) in compliance with the Protection of Children Act 1999.

Last Update: January 5, 2019  

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