Foster Carer Agreement


In accordance with schedule 5 of the Fostering Regulations 2011 this agreement is made between Greater London Fostering and the foster carer/s named below.


Name of Foster Carer / s:        





Terms of the Foster Carer’s Approval




 Support and Training

 Foster carers will be supervised and supported by a team of qualified and experienced GLF staff. Each family will have an allocated worker who will visit them at least once in four weeks and undertake supervision once in eight weeks for as long as there are children in placement.

Foster carers will receive induction from their allocated worker and are expected to attend six post approval training days organised by the agency. GLF will support foster carers to achieve the Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Care so that they are able to evidence that they have achieved these Standards within 12 months of approval.

We will regularly review on going learning needs with foster carers and will provide the training and development needed to carry out the fostering role effectively and meet the individual needs of fostered children.

  1. Review of terms of approval

 GLF will arrange a first review approximately six months after a foster carer’s first placement. Subsequent reviews will be held at no more than annual intervals. The review format and process are to be found in the GLF foster carer’s handbook.

All first reviews are discussed at the GLF panel as are any subsequent reviews which recommend a change of terms of approval; or when there have been significant changes in circumstances; or there has been an allegation or complaint about standards of care.

  1. Placement of children

 GLF will ensure that foster carers are given all the information they have received in respect of children to be placed with the family.  They will endeavour to obtain the fullest possible information prior to placement. A placement plan will be agreed that sets out how the placement will meet the child’s needs and the arrangements for their day to day care. The GLF foster carer’s handbook has details of what the placement plan covers.

  1. Legal liabilities of foster carers

 GLF pays for membership of the Fostering Network for all foster carers other than those approved for respite only. This entitles them to legal advice at any time and legal representation in certain circumstances. Separate insurance is taken out by GLF for all respite foster carers and adult members of all fostering families to achieve the same degree of protection. Further information on this legal cover can be obtained from the Fostering Network, the GLF foster carer’s handbook or GLF staff.


 GLF has a complaints procedure which is fully described in the Foster Carer’s Handbook. The complaints procedure of placing authorities can also be used by foster carers in appropriate circumstances.

  1. Change of circumstances

 Foster carers must give written notice to GLF of the following:

  • Any planned change of address with as much notice of the move as possible
  • Any change in the composition of the household
  • Any other change of personal circumstances or any event affecting the foster carer’s capacity to care for any child/young person placed or the suitability of the household to foster.
  • Any request to adopt a child or to be registered as a childcare provider under the Childcare Act 2006.
  1. Corporal punishment

 Foster carers are not allowed in any circumstances to use corporal punishment

  1. Confidentiality

 Foster carer’s must ensure that all information pertaining to foster children and their families is kept confidential and not disclosed to any person without permission.

  1. Placement Plan

 Placement plans must be complied with.

  1. Promotion of foster child’s welfare

 Foster carers are responsible for promoting the welfare of any child/young person placed in their household in accordance with the agreed plans for the child and agree to care for foster children as if they were members of the family.

  1. Compliance with GLF’s policies and procedures

Foster carers are required to comply with GLF’s policies and procedures as contained in the latest version of the foster carer’s handbook along with such procedures are from time to time separately sent to foster carers.

  1. Ofsted

 Fostering agencies such as GLF are regularly inspected by OFSTED. Foster carers are required to cooperate with all reasonable requests by OFSTED to visit the foster home and to interview the foster carers.

  1. Foster child’s progress

 Foster carers must keep GLF and the child’s placing authority informed about a fostered child’s progress and notify them immediately of any significant event affecting the child.

  1. Removal of child from placement

 Foster carers agree to cooperate with the removal of foster children from their care if required to do so by appropriate local authority staff.

I / We have read and understand the terms of the Foster Care Agreement, and arrangements.

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Last Update: January 5, 2019  

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