Foster carers must do everything they can, in liaison with the child’s social worker and their supervising social worker to make sure that children receive an appropriate education.

Each child will have a Personal Education Plan (PEP) which sets out the educational plan for each child. Foster carers should be invited to and must attend the meeting where this educational plan is drawn up.

They must encourage and assist foster children to attend school regularly.

They should keep in close touch with the child’s school so that they know how the child is getting on.

They must attend all open days and consultation sessions at the child’s school unless it has been decided that the child’s parent or social worker should do this.

They must deal promptly with any issues which arise in school.

They must support and encourage children with homework particularly making sure that there is a time and place for homework to be done.

If foster children have no school place or have been temporarily excluded foster carers must make sure that the children have appropriate activities and are properly supervised throughout the school day. This should be done in close liaison with the child’s social worker and the carer’s supervising social worker.


Last Update: January 5, 2019  

January 5, 2019   rich    Foster Care Handbook