Allowances for foster carers

 Allowances for foster carers

From the 1st Jan 2018, foster carers are paid £390 for children age 0 to 10 years old and £413 for children age 11 to 17 years old. The payment is broken down into carers allowance and accountable allowance

  1. Carers allowance – this belong to the foster carer. It includes the carers fee and the cost to cover the household expenditures such as rent, utility rates, food and other expenses.
  2. Accountable allowance – this allowance must be spent on the child as detailed in the child’s initial placement agreement (see more details below)


0 to 10 years old 11 to 17 years old
Carers allowance £315.00 £323.00
Accountable allowance £75.00 £90.00
Weekly payment £390.00 £413.00


We are also increasingly required to monitor and account for the way in which accountable allowances for children are spent. Foster carers are asked to keep records of their spending on certain key items which are listed below. Supervising social workers will need to monitor this expenditure over time.


Categories of Accountable Expenditure – per week Under 11s Over 11s
Pocket money £0- £5 £5 – £25
Savings £5 £5- £10
Educational & leisure activities £20 £20 – £5
Toys, books, educational and leisure equipment £10 £10
Clothing and Footwear £15 £15-£25
Festivals & Birthdays £5 £5
Family events and activities £15 £15 -£0
Personal Care £0 £5
Mobile phones £0 £5
Total expenditure to be accounted for £75 £90

The above amounts are guidelines and need to be individually agreed for each child. Foster carers, young people and social workers can together decide to spend more or less on any of these categories. However, the total accountable expenditure must come to:

£75 for children age 0 to 10 years old

£90 for young people age 11 to 17 years old

Last Update: January 6, 2019  

January 5, 2019   rich    Foster Care Handbook