A Child Absence/ Absconding

Last updated: 14/06/2018

Foster carers should make a list of the telephone numbers and addresses of their foster children’s friends, relatives, schools etc. for use if ever a child is missing.

If running away or staying out without permission is anticipated as a problem, a strategy for dealing with it should be agreed in advance with the child’s social worker and the foster carer’s supervising social worker.

If children or young people end up in a police station the police will (if they have not strayed too far from home), expect the foster carer to collect them. Foster carers should work out in advance how they will do this late at night.

Staying out late or running away must never be treated as a routine matter.

Foster children have a right to be protected from themselves. Treat their absence at least as seriously as you would that of your own child.

The following procedure (to be found on the next page) should be followed even if a child or young person often stays out late or overnight.

Last Update: January 5, 2019  

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