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Welcome Foster Care Ltd

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Registered Name:Welcome foster care

Who's it owned by?: Welcome foster care is a subsidary of capstone foster care. It was started in 2007 and has offices in both East London, and Lancashire.

Brief Description: Welcome foster care


Contact Number: 020 3397 3332


Unit 3, The office village, E15 4EA

Appoximate Number Of Carers: 61

Ofsted: Good

"Foster carers are suitably assessed, supported and well matched to the children who are placed with them. The agency provides a robust challenge where care falls short of the high standards expected and use feedback from young people when reviewing foster carers. Not all foster carers have completed the Children’s Workforce Development Councils Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Care, within the required timescales. The Registered Manager recently resigned to take up another position in the agency. There is an interim manager in place; she is currently supervised by the previous Registered manager and performing well in the role. Children consistently report that they do not get enough information about foster carers prior to placement and they are not actively encouraged to access records about them. This has no significant impact on children’s experiences or outcomes, but the agency would further strengthen practice by addressing these shortfalls. "


 Welcome are our next door neighbours, We're at #1, so if you're coming to see us, you might want to pop in there as well.

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