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Registered Name:National Fostering Agency Ltd

Who's it owned by?: NFA is owned by a company called NFAG, which itself is owned by NFAH (another company), which is owned by Belton Associates, which is owned by Belton holdings limited, which is owned by Belton associates group holdings, which is owned by Graphite Captial Partners, which is a Canadian Private Equity house.

Brief Description: NFA is a national fostering agency


Contact Number: 01895 200 300


Uxbridge Head Office: 71 Cowley Road, Uxbridge, UB8 2AE

Appoximate Number Of Carers: more than 1000

Estimated Turnover: more than £50million a year

Ofsted: Outstanding

"National fostering agency is an outstanding independent fostering agency, where the needs of young people come first. The overall emphasis of the care provided focuses on promoting the individual needs of young people many of whom have complex and special needs. This helps them to feel safe, make secure attachments and thrive. There is a culture of active participation and meaningful engagement with young people in this high quality service "


 Greater London Fostering is owned by Linda Norwood

*All our info is gained from the agencies website, companies house and ofsted - If there is anything wrong, please contact

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