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Newham Fostering Service, is currently rated as Requires Improvement.

Brief Description: LB Newham is a local auhtoirty fostering service.


Contact Number: 0800 0130 393

Ofsted: Requires Improvement.

"Children’s services in Newham requires improvement because: 1. The local authority and its partners have made some, but not all, of the improvements recommended in the November 2011 inspection when Ofsted found that safeguarding services and services for looked after children in Newham were adequate.
2. Chronologies recorded on the local authority’s electronic system do not include important events in children’s lives before the children were referred to children’s social care. Full histories are not completed routinely unless the case is in court.
3. Staff in the Triage service (the part of the local authority that people first contact when they are worried about children or think they may need help from a social worker) are very busy. Sometimes there are delays in less urgent requests being passed to a manager to make a decision, or in letting agencies know what actions have been taken. Staff in the Assessment service have too much work to do. This means social workers do not always do everything they need to do at the right time or at a pace that suits children. Managers knew about the problems before this inspection started and had already made arrangements for additional temporary staff that should reduce workloads to a more manageable level.
4. At the moment, agencies refer too many children to the Local Authority whose problems are at an early stage and who could be better helped elsewhere. This means that children and their families are asked to participate in social work assessments that are not necessary. This delays them being referred to the right place to get help and adds to the workloads of social workers.
5. Child in need meetings for children who do not need a child protection plan but still have serious problems are not recorded well. They do not focus enough on whether what is being done is helping children.
6. Many children experience too many changes of social worker. This makes it difficult for children to get to know their social worker well. Sometimes changes of worker lead to delays in plans being carried out.
7. While operational managers check that work has been done within timescales and to a sufficient standard, they do not always focus enough on the quality of the work and the difference it has made for children.
8. When children are unable to live with their families and start to be looked after by the local authority, there are not enough placements available in and around Newham. "


 Greater London Fostering works closely with Newham to help place it's children with our carers.

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