We are looking for someone to join our recruitment and community team.

It will be your job, to find and recruit new foster carers, as well as continue building our community of existing carers by running events, support groups and keeping in contact with them.

Some of the benefits of this role are;

  • Diverse day to day work
  • Personal Well-being and training budget
  • Salary of 22-30k depending on experince
  • Upto £5k performance related bonus
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from any of our 4 offices across London (after probation)

If you’d like more information then please email [email protected]

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Now here’s the boring bit…..

Context and Purpose of the Job

  • To help co-ordinate early stage recruitment of foster carers
  • To lead on building and maintaining a community of foster carers.

Major duties and Responsibilities


  1. Act as the first point of contact for enquiries from potential foster carers, giving advice on the benefits of being a GLF carer and the process of becoming a foster carer.
  2. To increase the number of useful enquiries which GLF receives from potential foster carers, using leading digital marketing tools.
  3. To undertake initial visits to potential foster carers, giving relevant information to the enquirer, contributing to the initial assessment of their suitability to foster, and recording information carefully.
  4. To identify and coordinate the training and deployment of Foster Care Ambassadors in the support of all recruitment initiatives.
  5. Contribute to the organisation, administration and delivery of preparatory training for potential foster carers in consultation with the Training Manager.
  6. Contribute to the organisation’s policy development in relation to the recruitment of foster carers, collection and analysis of data and production of regular reports on recruitment statistics.
  7. Ensure that recruitment is continually promoted through social media and the GLF website and that additional activities and opportunities are explored and utilised as appropriate.
  8. Ensure the regular review and analysis of competitor activity in relation to recruitment to ensure that GLF’s approach is at the forefront of the industry in innovation and results.

 Community Development

  1. To meet with all newly approved foster carers and facilitate a warm welcome and   understanding of the community of foster carers.
  2. To work with the Social Work Team Managers in ensuring that Foster Carer Support Groups are held regularly and that all foster carers ’s have access and the opportunity to utilise this support.
  3. To plan and coordinate foster carer events throughout the year with the expectation of at least one event per quarter.
  4. To identify and coordinate the training and deployment of Foster Care Ambassadors in the support of all community development initiatives.
  5. To support foster carer training by working with the SW TMs in exploring the needs of the foster carer community and providing analysis and feedback to the Training Manager.


  1. Attend regular supervision meetings with the line manager and to participate in appropriate training and professional development.
  2. Attend internal and external meetings as required.
  3. Input data to the Agency computer and to ensure that such data is accurate and up to date.
  4. Ensure all work is carried out in accordance with GLF’s philosophy, quality assurance, complaints, child protection and financial procedures and equal opportunities, employment and health and safety policies.


  1. In order to deliver an effective service, a degree of flexibility is needed and the post holder may be required to perform work not specifically referred to above. Such duties however, will fall within the scope of the post.

 Please sign and return to HR  – retain a copy for your own records 

Person Specification

JOB TITLE:                   Recruitment and Community Development Officer



  • Willingness to work in extremely flexible way in order to be responsive to the needs of applicants. This is likely to involve occasional evening and weekend working.
  • Experience of working in a multi-cultural context
  • Experience of working as part of a team
  • Knowledge of social media marketing
  • Experience of using digital marketing tools to effectively engage with customers


  • Experience of working with foster carers
  • Experience of direct work with children and young people
  • Experience of training or developing foster carers or other staff acting as a resource for children and young people in need
  • Experience of creative thinking in developing ways of meeting the support needs of carers and the care needs of children and young people placed with the agency
  • Experience of training or developing foster carers or other staff acting as a resource for children and young people in need
  • Experience of creating, building and maintaining a community

Skills, Abilities and Knowledge


·         An excellent telephone manner
·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Working knowledge of office procedures
·         Ability to work in partnership with foster carers, parents, employing agency, children’s social workers and other professional agencies

  • Ability to work under own initiative, planning, managing and reviewing own workload
  • Willingness to work in a very flexible way, in order to be accessible and speedy in response to local authority and foster carer’s needs
  • Ability to use computer for word processing to produce reports, access data bases and to use e-mail to communicate with other staff of the agency and outside.
  • Ability to form appropriate, professional relationships with applicants and their children.
  • Ability to motivate applicants and to sustain and promote their interest in fostering.
  • Skills in developing other people as a resource.


  • Knowledge of safe guarding practice
  • Knowledge of the UK national standards for foster care 1999 and the Fostering Regulations and Minimum Standards 2002.
  • Understanding of competency based assessments.
  • Familiarity with the fostering networks “Skills to Foster” preparation course for potential foster carers.

Education and Training


  • In training relevant to looked after children
  • In training relevant to foster care
  • In training relevant to direct work with children and young people
  • In training relevant to digital marketing tools.

Special Job Requirements


  • Highly motivated to deliver a high quality fostering service in a positive and enthusiastic way.
  • Willingness to work in extremely flexible way in order to be responsive and available for foster carer’s and potential foster-carers needs. This may require some evening and weekend availability.
Equal Opportunities


  • Ability to demonstrate a commitment to equal access policies
  • Knowledge of equal access service delivery
  • Knowledge of the implication of race, racial origin, sexuality, gender and culture and linguistic background for childcare practice
  • Commitment to services which enable children with disabilities to lead lives which are as normal as possible


  • Knowledge and experience of work with children with disabilities