GLF’s Round Up Of Fostering News: July

Every month we find the best news stories about fostering, and social care, and round them up here:

Pets can help children accept the challenges of foster care

A summary of the findings from a study, looking at the role pets have with helping children in fostering. Really good reading for those people who worry their pet would stop them fostering.

What Doctor Who companion Bill Potts teaches viewers about foster care

In case you missed it, Dr Who’s new companion spent time in foster care, and speaks about it in the opening epsiode. The guardian discuss what this might mean.

For foster carers, the professional and personal are not mutually exclusive

A good look at what the term “professional foster carer” really mean. The professionalism of foster carers is a hot topic right now, but it seems differetnt people have different ideas of what being a professional is.

100+ things to do with the kids

A nice little run down on cheap days out with the kids, encase you’ve run out of ideas in week one of the holidays.

Children in care urge social workers to be more ambitious for them

A recent report published by the Become charity, calls for social workers to fight more for the children they work with.

Another summary of a recent study. This one looks behind the reason’s why children in care, have worse mental health. The research suggests that these issues are the result of their treatment before they came into care, rather than the

Fostering system faces funding shortfall and recruitment crisis

Budget cuts are not new to fostering, but the Department for education has just cited it as a real problem in the future. Here Children and young people now look at this, especially in relation to recruiting new carers.

Foster care and mental health

Another story about children in fostering – and them being able to access mental health services. This time from Martin Barrow, who is a journalist and foster carer.

One Moana is all we need…

Disney’s latest release is a story about Moana, who overcomes adversity and the obsticles of her background. here blogger Helen Johnston relates this story to her own experinces of the care system, in a thoughtful and moving blog.

If any of these stories have inspired you to find out more about fostering, then just give us a call, we’d be happy to answer all of your questions.