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Who are Greater London Fostering?

Our History

GLF are an indepedent foster care agency - what this means is we find, recruit, train and then support foster carers. We were set up in 1998 by Linda Norwood, who as social worker in London thought she could provide better outcomes for children operating independently. Almost 20 years later we still have the original mission of improving the lives of children in care.

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During that time we have grown, and now support about 110 fostering familes in London and the surrounding counties.

At Greater London Fostering, we see ourselves as being one big family. Whereas other agencies have more of a corporate feel. We have always wanted to be large enough to provide the long term stability for our caresr and children, but small enough so that we all know each other. We think we have found this perfect balance. Other agencies are national, and have many office across the UK, whilst others are more localised and only work with 1 or 2 local authoirties.

We think that by focusing on London, and having relationships with all London Borough, as well as Kent, Essex, Hertforshire and Cambridgeshire we have the best of both world.

Choosing who to foster with is a very important decision, and one we want you to take seriously. We believe that you should talk to other agencies and local authorities, to make sure you find the one that fits you. We do hope this will be GLF



Our website is packed full of usful infomation on fostering, which should hopefully answer some of your questions

Its also important to meet the people who work at GLF, so follow the links below to meet our teams.

We are looking for foster carers in the following areas: North London; South London; East London; West London, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Medway.

We need carers who can look after, Babies, Siblings, Refugees, Children with Disabilities, Remand Fostering,

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