Hi, I’m Amee and I’m a foster carer, there are loads of reasons why fostering is amazing, but here are my top 5.

1:   You will never know boredom….its non stop action with a healthy dash of drama to keep you on your toes 24/7

2: kids love having fun which actually means it’s your job to help them do this so …translates as you get to silly stuff and hang out at seasides, arcades, theme parks, and often have to get involved obviously in showing the kids how to ride roller coasters, play penny slots, get face painted etc etc  woo hoooo

3:  you get to do something that’s incredibly rewarding and fulfilling in life…its called helping and caring

4: you get to bake and eat cakes and cookies anytime that takes your fancy because that’s just what foster carers do

5: you will find in your heart more love than you ever knew existed

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