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Making the decision to become a foster carer isn’t something people make overnight –  a lot of people we speak to worry they won’t be eligible, because of their living situation, sexuality, employment or relationship status.

The truth is, as long as you have a spare bedroom, and have the time and energy to give to fostering a child or teenager then it’s likely you can become a carer.

That’s not to say fostering is easy – it takes patience, resilience and love to change a child or teenagers life… It can be hard but it’s a wonderful thing to do.

If you’re thinking of becoming a carer but are not sure if you meet the requirements then just give us a call on 0208 347 8741 or download our guide at the bottom of the page.

For more information download our guide to fostering now.

Our short guide to fostering answers lots of questions, and is packed with useful information.

Download it now for free by filling in this form and clicking download now..

Hi I’m James, GLF’s recruitment officer.

I'm passionate about recruiting foster carers, and am available to answer all your questions. I know it's not always easy to ask, so I want to make it as easy as possible.
You can text/whatsapp any question to me on:

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Hi I’m Amee, one of GLF foster carers. I think it’s important to hear from a real foster carer what fostering is actually like, so I’ve created a top

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