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We find, recruit, train and support foster carers across London.
Then match them with children in care who need a home.

Linda Norwood - Founder GLF

Our mission

Hi I’m Linda and I started GLF for one reason, to improve the lives of children in care.
Almost 20 years later, this is still the driving force, and a mission all our foster carers and staff believe in.

Created in 1998, Greater London Fostering (GLF) has over a decade of experience in recruiting, training and supporting foster carers. We are one of the top Independent Fostering Agencies in London and we currently work with over 90 foster families and around 110 foster children to create a strong, supportive fostering community to help improve the futures of children in care.

Our aim is always to provide the best possible care to children who for many different reasons cannot live with their own families. We believe that children’s needs are best met in a nurturing family and that with the right support every child can benefit from family life. Fostering is a challenging but hugely rewarding task, by all working together we know that we can make a real difference  to children’s lives.

GLF recognises that fostering is a big commitment and we repay that commitment by offering a genuine 24 hour support system and training that matters. We reward your dedication with competitive financial packages as well as fun annual events in which you can forge friendships with other GLF foster carers. It is this focus on creating a rewarding fostering community that means we are still working with foster families that joined us at the very start. You can find out more about our foster carer package.

We are currently looking for new foster families across all the Greater London Boroughs and the surrounding counties. Please do look through the website and get in touch with us to register an interest in fostering.

What we do:

We Find The Best Foster Carers

Provide Them With Excellent 24/7 Support

Which Results In Fantastic Outcomes For Children

What we offer our foster carers:

We recognize that fostering is a huge commitment and that’s why we offer genuine 24/7 support, comprehensive training, and a competitive fostering allowance and pay. We think our support is more than you will receive from other foster care agencies.

If you want to become a foster parent to help foster children and babies, are committed to looking after children and young people, and have a willingness to learn new skills, then we would like to hear from you.

We accept applications from all backgrounds, regardless of gender, age, sexuality, religion or marital status. We believe that a diverse foster care base, allows us to provide the best possible care.

Contact us today if you want to know more about becoming a foster carer.

We’ve got a few things you might want to look at.

  • Children Need Foster Carers

    Can you be a foster carer?

  • It’s not all ice-cream

    You’ll need to provide children a balanced diet, as health is crucial to success

  • Reading

    As a foster carer you’ll need to inspire children to read, as getting a good education gives a child a chance

  • Inspire Creativity

    As well as nurturing academics, our foster carers need to develop our kids creative side. Whether this is drawing, painting or writing scary ghost stories creativity help our children be the best they can be.

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